Senior researcher at National Research Council

Ida Biunno acquired the Bachelor Degree in Biology and Psychology from Temple University in 1976 and PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980.
In 1982 she received the Doctoral Degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Milan-Italy.

She has scientifically supported BioRep start-up and development from 2005-2010. She is member of the Steering Committee for the EHDN-Registry and Enroll HD Projects in addition to PPMI for the MJFox foundation.

She has been PI in several National and EU financed projects.  She has one patent on the use of Trehalose as a safe non-toxic cryoprotectant to store neuronal derived pluripotent human stem cells



2008–to date: Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology at the Biotechnology Center of Temple University Philadelphia-USA

2009-to date: Assistant Contract Professor of Biochemical Oncology at PhD School of Molecular Oncology. Univesity of Chieti (Italy)

She has been responsible for over twenty PhD thesis in the field of Biology, Medical and Industrial Biotechnology. She was involved in post graduate specialization schools of Oncology and Applied Genetics



Comnasio S., Delli Carri A., Lombardo A., Grad I., Mariotti C., Castucci A., Rozeli B., LoRiso P., Castiglioni V., Zuccato C., Rochon C., Tkashima Y., Diaferia G., Biunno I., Gellera C., Jaconi M., Smith A., Hovatta O., Naldini L., DiDonato S., Feki A., Cattaneo E. – The first reported generation of several induced pluripotent stem cell lines fromhomozygous and heterozyogous Huntington’s disease patients demonstrates mutatin related enhanced lysosomal activity. (in press 2012)

Ashktorab H., Green W., Finzi G., Sessa F., Nouraie M., Lee EL., Morgano A.,Moschetta A.,Cattaneo M., Mariani-Costantini R., Brim H.,  Biunno I. – SEL1L, an UPR response protein, a potential marker of colonic cell transformation (in press, 2012)