Managing Director

 Pasquale De Blasio, is an international manager with more than 35 years experience in industrial and academic positions.  He is the founder of BioRep srl, a “Global biorepository service provider” located in Milan  Italy operating in partnership with Coriell Institute for Medical Research USA (, the NHI and NCI reference biorepository.

Pasquale De Blasio, is the founder and CEO of  Integrated Systems Engineering srl ( a small company specialized in the design and construction of biomedical instruments and in particular Tissue Microarrayers.

Pasquale De Blasio, is a member of the Marble Arch International Working Group consisting of international biobanking Experts, he is also a very active member of the International Society of Biological and Environmenthal Biorepositories ( contributing with the organization in Perugia Italy in 2004 of the first ISBER International meeting.

Pasquale De Blasio academic appointments are synthesised as follows: (1) Adjunct Assistant Professor at TEMPLE University, Philadelphia PA, USA. (2009-2010); (2) Università degli Studi di Milano, Assistant contract professor for Bioethics (2000 – 2004); Managing Director of University of Milan, Centre of Excellence CISI (Centre of Interdisciplinary bio-molecular studies and industrial applications; CISI is involved in advanced research activities in the area of: molecular diagnostics; genomics; proteomics; micrarray technology; bioinformatics; analytical diagnostic laboratory automation and Criporeservation. One of the major activities of Pasquale De Blasio was to promote joint research projects between public institutions (CISI) and private industry and to search and support Government or EEC research founds. In the last 3 years CISI has promoted 7 joint Research Projects financed by the Italian Research Ministry for about a total of  200 Million Euros for the Industries of which 20 Million Euros for CISI.

Ing. Pasquale De Blasio, has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA (1976), and a Master Degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy (1986). He has also matured specific skills in multinational analytical instrumentation companies, as R&D Manager for the developments of HPLC Systems, UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, Ultra Centrifuges and Medical Anaesthesia Systems; and as Industrial Operations Management in the development and manufacturing of Blood Gas and Coagulation Analytical Instruments. He has also matured experience with ISO 9001 Quality System, EEC Medical Directive and CE certification.

Ing. Pasquale De Blasio held at University of Milan a University course in: Regulations, Bioethics in Biotechnology Industrial Processes (Accademic Year  2001/2002, 2002/2003, 2003/2004).

Pasquale De Blasio was a promoter of the following Start-ups:

BioRep Srl was established in May 2003 in partnership with Sapio Life and Angelantoni Industrie. BioRep is a “Biorepository” service infrastructure located in Milan Italy. BioRep facility ( presently is the largest service provider of the kind in Europe offering cell and moleculr biology in addition to cryopreservation services to European Public and Private research institutions. Thanks to an exclusive agreement with the Coriell Institute for Medical Research USA (, one of the oldest and biggest Biorepository in the world, established in Milan, a State-of-the-Art Biorepository, implementing Coriell procedures and standards. BioRep and Coriell together constitute a “Global Biorepository” able to serve the pharmaceutical industries for world wide clinical trials. The BioRep facility is specifically designed to give utmost efficiency and security by implementing Coriell Procedures and Standards

Integrated Systems Engineering S.r.l.  (ISENET) established in 1996 as a spin-off of Kontron Instruments S.p.a.. ISE is an Italian SME industrial company involved in Biotechnology and Bioengineering project developments. In particular ISE ( is involved in innovative automation projects for the medical, analytical and Biorepository sector. The latest development of ISE, consists in the realization of a “Computer Assisted Tissue Microarrayer”  which will introduce a new concept in Tissue Micrarray design. The Tissue Microarrayer project is developed in cooperation with the NIH Tissue Microarrayer Technology Lab headed by Dr. Stephen Hewith in Rockville MD USA. and Istututo Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano.

BioSkills S.r.l. established in 1999 with the objective to work in the field Continuous Medical Education and e.learning field. BioSkills ( has organised training courses for Medical Doctors, Research Scientists, etc. in the area of: Proteomics Studies (in collaboration with Prof. Luca Bini of University of Siena); Scientific Writing and Editing (in collaboration with University of Edinburg);  Molecular Biology (in collaboration with Dott. Ida Biunno of IRGB-CNR); others.