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TriMetis & ISENET Partner to Automate FFPE Tissue Coring         for NGS

Learn how TriMetis & ISENET are revolutionizing research & diagnostics with cutting-edge robotic & AI technology to automate FFPE tissue coring for NGS

     Partnership with MS Validated Antibodies for Immunohistochemistry

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is the most commonly used method for the analysis of tissue microarrays. Finding appropriate antibodies for IHC is difficult for researchers because almost all antibodies on the market are insufficiently validated. For example, the most commonly used antibody validation approach “KO-cell lines” only secures “specificity” of an antibody in one single (artificial) cell type. For antibody validation, we collaborate with MSVA Validated Antibodies GmbH. The entire antibody portfolio of MSVA has been validated on TMAs containing tissues from 76 different tissue categories (>500 cell types). This makes the MSVA portfolio the best validated and most specific antibody portfolio in the market. The website of MSVA provides more than 60 images per antibody and a detailed description of an ideal validation process. Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) can be manufactured by every laboratory using Galileo TMArrayers.

SilPlatelet Project Transition – Challenge Medical Technology and Devices: from Lab to Patient – Financed by EIC

Project Title:  Closing the European gap towards large-scale ex vivo platelet production built upon a silk-based scaffold bioreactor

           Galileo-TMAtic:                             L’applicazione dell’Intelligenza
Artificiale e deep-learning per il miglioramento del processo produttivo di Tissue Microarray (TMA) per la Medicina di Precisione nel settore oncologico

New Applications

NEW Galielo CK3600/4600 Frozen TMA module allows to make #HighQuality #FrozenTMA Block easy and at controlledt emperature for the following applications:                                                             (1) Superior #antigenrecognition/retrieval;            (2) native #proteinprofiling and #subcellularlocation;                                               (3) #Insitu #RNAexpression (quantitative & qualitative results);                                                                     (4) #singlecells analysis