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MS Validated Antibodies for Immunohistochemistry



Digital Pathology and AI

SilKPlatelet Project  

Financed by EIC – Transition

Project Title:  Closing the European gap towards large-scale ex vivo platelet production built upon a silk-based scaffold bioreactor

   Fully Automated Tissue Microarrayer                                 

New Applications

New – Frozen TMA module for Galileo CK3600 & CK4600

Allows to make #HighQuality #FrozenTMA Block easy and at controlledt emperature for the following applications:                                                             (1) Superior #antigen recognition/retrieval; (2) native #proteinprofiling and #subcellularlocation;                                    (3) #Insitu #RNAexpression (quantitative/ qualitative results                                          (4) #singlecells analysis

We will bee present at Booth N° 15

We will preset our Galileo TMAtic 5000 Fully automated Tissue Microarrayer