Integrated Systems Engineering srl (www.isenet.it) based in Milan Italy and established in 1996 with the objective to become a leader in design and manufacturing biomedical instruments.

In 2013, Integrated Systems Engineering (ISE) established its new office in Philadelphia USA named:  ISENET-USA LLC (www.isenet-usa.com) with the objective to expand its sales organization in North and South America.

ISE through 20 years o operations has focalized its activities in:

  • Tissue Microarray Technology, considered one of the world leader in the field.
  • In 1998 ISE sold its Stem Cell Banking and Services (e.g. Derivation, Process and Q.C, Distribution) to AirLiquide HealthCare srl.

Our Mission:

  • Develop advanced automated instrumentation for Research and Diagnostics, in the field of Tissue Microarray and Quantitative Digital Pathology.

Our Goals:

  • to be one of the world leaders in Tissue Microarray Technology
  • to continue as an Opinion Leader in the Biobanking field at International level.

What we do:

  1. TISSUE MICROARRAY Design and Manufacturing
  • With the Galileo TMA line of instruments, ISE is the only Company that can offer a full line of TMA instruments (from manual punching to semi-automatic, computer driven and fully automatic). Unique features of the Galileo TMA CK4600 are:
  • Fast and easy to make TMA blocks: 12 standard block holder (any combinations for donors and recipients), up to 11 TMA replicas, easy User Interface with Digital Slide Image and precise core selection with: !) direcly from Block; 2). manual glass slide sovraimposition; 3. Virtual Image sovraimposition; 4. 3 point automatic image sovraimposition.
  • Open architecture – allows the possibility to use different size blocks (12 standard, 3 standard + 2 Macro, 3 standard + 1 Mega Block (up to 80x120mm), 3 standard + 1 well plate format (386/96 wells or cryovials) to store tissue cores for Nucleic Acids and PCR Analysis.
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure – The Galileo TMA software is designed to be compatible with most Commercial Digital Scanners (Aperio, Hamamatsu, Huron, TissueGnostics, etc.) and/or Visual Imaging SW (Visiopharm, Definiens, etc.).