AutoTiss 10c                                             Fully Automatic Tissue Microarrayer


Manual Tissue Microarrayer


                               Augumented Pathology                                 Based on intelligent Image analysis in a digital pathology workflow, allowing pathologists and scientist to automate and further standardize collection of quantitative tissue data


           HiPath Pro  – Advanced Digital Pathology                    IVD Imaging sytem for Quantitative IHC scoring        H&E and IHC Whole Slide Imaging


        PathFusion – Full Pathology Image Suite              H&E – IHC – FISH


                          The pChip Company                              Small animal taggings


Founded in 1986, Integrated Systems Engineering (ISENET)  is one of the European leader in the development and distribution world-wide of Tissue Microarray technology for Pathology and Stem Cell Research.


          GALILEO TMA CK3600/CK4600 PLATFORM        Tissue Microarray Made Easy



ISENET is Partner of SilkFusion



            ISENET will participate tot HISTIOLOGICA           presenting the Galileo CL4600 Platform


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