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Integrated Systems Engineering

  • Integrated Systems Engineering Srl

    Integrated Systems Engineering Srl, (ISENET), was established in 1996, in Milan Italy.

    With the development of the Galileo Tissue Microarrayer CK XXX Family, one of the must appreciated TMA system in the field, has become one of the world leader in Tissue Microarrayer Instrumentation Design and Manufacturing.

    The Galileo computer assisted TMA instrument with its open architecture allow an easy and simple TMA preparation (also with different paraffin block sizes), producing a digital excel format reporting and possibility of data transfer to several Digital TMA Slide Scanners(e.g Aperio.) for a complete tracking of the TMA process.


  • Huntington’s Days 2016
    AICH MILANO accende gli HUNTINGTON’S DAYSDall'1 al 10 giugno torna l'iniziativa italiana dedicata alla Malattia di Huntington AICH Milano Onlus promuove la grande iniziativa di informazione e sensibilizzazione che accende la luce sulla Malattia di Huntington: gli HUNTINGTON’S DAYS, le…
    Written on Monday, 23 May 2016 13:37
  • New article - Epigenetics
    New pubblication about Epigenetics: DNA methylation profiles of human pluripotent stem cells, a versatile tool to investigate cell identity and biosafety. Simona Baronchelli and Ida Biunno. Insight in Stem Cells. 2016,2,1:13.
    Written on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 15:26

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