February 1st, 2017 – CIC (fka Cambridge Innovation Center)Address: 1 Broadway, 5th floor, Havana room, Cambridge MA, 02139 – web: http://cic.us/

Tissue microarray (TMA) combined with Digital Image Processing Analysis provides the means for fast, cost-effective analysis of hundreds of tissue specimens. Up to 400 tissue cores can be placed on one glass slide, stained, scanned and analysed with identical conditions. Manual analysis of Tissue Microarray slides can be overwhelming, tedious, time consuming and labour intensive.

Visiopharm and ISENET-USA can provide an Integrated Platform which can improve the quality and reproducibility of TMA design, production and visual imaging analysis.

ISENET-USA is a leading provider of Tissue Microarray platform in Biomarker Validation and Stem Cell Research, for academic and private research centers, pathology labs and Biotech and Pharma companies. The Galileo TMA provide pathologists and researchers with an open architecture platform able to work with standard, macro and mega (80x120mm) tissue Blocks and 96 well plate format for Tissue Core Nucleic acids (DNA/RNA & mRNA) analysis. The Galileo Platform is being used in research for Biomarker Validation, Diagnostic Applications and lately as Stem Cell Screening tool.

Visiopharm is a leading provider of quantitative image analysis software and end-to-end Digital Pathology solutions for biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO), academic medical centers, and for hospital diagnostic pathology labs around the world. Visiopharm’s software is featured in over 900 scientific publications, and has over 600 licenses placed, with countless users, in more than 30 countries. Headquartered in the Medicon Valley of Denmark, with a branch office in the Netherlands, and a North America office in Broomfield, Colorado.